Thank You! Allaster is Adopted!!! 2-6-17

Thank You! Allaster is Adopted!!! 2-6-17



Allaster in Remus, MI





Thank You, Sally-Jasper, For

Sponsoring Sr Allaster

Thank You, Fred-Jasmine-Josie

Nominated Valentine Photo Shoot

Thank You, Amber, For

Helping Transport Allaster

Thank You, Bob-Hershey,

For 3 Months Sponsor

Thank You, Sue-Lucky-Eddie-Sissy,

For Sponsoring Allaster

Thank You, Diane-Taz-Rio,

For Sponsoring Allaster

Thank You, Mary Ann-Izze-Minnie,

For Sponsoring Allaster

Thank You, Kristopher,

For Sponsoring Allaster

In Honor Of Gobi & Riley

Thank You, Don-Quinn, For

Sponsoring Allaster’s Lupine Collar

2-6-17 Sr Allaster has been adopted by his foster family! (Sponsored by Mary)

2013: We are moving his status up to “Senior” (7 or over) due to his graying muzzle. Allaster is still waiting patiently.

9-28-11 Allaster was HW re-tested, and is now showing NEGATIVE. We are so pleased for Allaster.

6-28-11 Allaster’s vetting was done, and we find that he is HW positive. He is testing a light positive, so we will start him on the 30 day pre-treatment, along with limited activity. Then continue on with additional oral medication given monthly. We will retest in 90-120 days. Yet, Allaster can have a meet and greet and even a forever home, as the medication will be sent along with him. Allaster continues to be a friendly boy and waits by your feet instead of jumping up on you. I like that!

6-16-11 Allaster comes into rescue from a Southern MI shelter. We are seeing a very nice tempered boy, with paperwork showing him around 3 years old. His teeth look like he is a mature adult male.

Our adoption fee covers the spay / neutering, heart worm testing, rabies, distemper combo, microchipping and any other medical that a dog may need (like Heart Worm treatment). Please consider a rescue that comes to you with all of the routine medical done.

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  1. Corene August 16, 2013 at 10:04 am - Reply

    Allaster is a gem of a gentleman. He’s patient, minds his manners & so pleasant to be around. He walks so well on a leash and is just a joy to be around. He was great at the Ranch and even better yet at the Reunion. He’s such a good boy and it’s really shocking to me that he continues to be over looked. All because a dog has been in foster care for an extended time does not mean there is something wrong – as a matter of fact the ones that have been in foster care for a long time are the ones with much more to offer! They have had much more time to hone their manners, basic obedience, leash walking, crate training and social skills.

    • Monica R Larner August 18, 2013 at 9:33 am - Reply

      Thank You, for noticing Allaster. He is a good boy! He can be a laid back guy who is content to lay in the sun, or he can be the guy who chases the ball. When he started feeling better after his HW treatment and was off confinement, he used to try to “herd” Mark, but that is “fixed”. Allaster still does get “too excited” at feeding time, so we have him do a down stay until he is calmer. He is a dog that is deserving of a home.

  2. Susan August 30, 2013 at 9:17 am - Reply

    Hello Allaster. I also like Allaster very much. Somehow I have to go into the old website to click on him to view his page…..don’t know why that is, but hope he finds his forever home soon. He is very deserving.

    • Monica R Larner August 30, 2013 at 9:35 am - Reply

      Sue, I double checked, and you can find him by the “search” box (using his name) or by the “senior” page. There are now 2 Seniors listed….He is also featured in the Rescue Gallery, where you can click on his picture.

  3. Monica R Larner December 22, 2013 at 12:31 am - Reply

    12-20-13 Thank You, Kristopher, For Sponsoring Allaster,
    In Honor of Ken’s Gobi (2008) and Riley (2009)

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