Hadley 5-10-12

Meet & Greet 11-15-14

Adopted 12-2-14




Thank You, Christina-David-Mary, for Transporting Hadley

Thank You, Jeff-Connie-Bandit

For Sponsoring Hadley 3 Months

Thank You, Jeff-Connie-Bandit For

Sponsoring Hadley 3 Additional Months

“Just wanted to renew my commitment to Jethro and Hadley”

Thank You, Sue-Lucky-Eddie

For Sponsoring Hadley

Thank You, Jeff-Connie-Bandit,

For Sponsoring Hadley 4 Additional Months

Thank You, Jeff-Connie-Bandit, For Sponsoring Hadley

From Jeff: “I really enjoyed meeting Hadley and hope that he liked his peanut butter hoof.”

Thank You, Christina, For

Sponsoring Hadley’s Lupine Collar


11-15-14 Hadley has a pending adoption, and will join AuCaDo Alumni Daija Blue around Thanksgiving.

6-12-13 Hadley has been in rescue for over a year now, and continues to do well. He is dog friendly with both males and females. He LOVES fetching sticks or any other throw-able toy.

5-10-12 Hadley comes from a Southern Michigan shelter where he was doing his second tour. The shelter was concerned with Hadley’s growing mouthy and pushy behavior when the volunteers were interacting with him. We had an ACD experienced volunteer go in and meet him to see if he was trying to be a “bad” dog or was he just using pent up energy and trying to buffalo the shelter workers. He is not a bad dog in our opinion, and is being given a chance to come to rescue where he can interact with other ACD’s. His first day here has been very positive, he seems to like the play group he was introduced to. He does want the attention that is being given to one of the other dogs, but will learn that his turn comes around when he behaves. Hadley is around 3-4 years old, a dark blue color, and has a long tail. He weighs 46 pounds, and know some basic commands.

5-10-12 Hadley comes into rescue, after being returned to a Southern MI Humane Society. He was adopted 3 years previously, after the rescue had committed to him. It seems that the same complaint of mouthiness is on this evaluation too.

4-3-09 We were contacted to take in a mouthy ACD male, which we did commit to, but then on 4-4-09 they adopted him out anyways. They aged him at 2-3 years old.