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AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Leonardo” (Mix) to Remus, MI 10-13-18

  Leonardo 10-13-18 Meet Leonardo in Remus, MI   10-13-18 Owner Surrender Leonardo comes into rescue as an owner surrender and from previous multiple homes. We were led to believe that he was an ACD, yet he is a mix with possible ACD in the mix. He has a questionable scar on his hind leg, [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Merlin” to Remus, MI 10-7-18

  Merlin 10-7-18 Meet Merlin in Remus, MI   10-7-18 Shelter Transfer Merlin comes into rescue after animal control pulled him from a neglectful situation. He is super skinny, so he will be on puppy food for a bit until he looks and feels better. (His picture was taken this way to hide the showing [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Heidi” to Remus, MI 9-11-18

  Heidi 9-11-18 Meet Heidi in Remus, MI   9-11-18 Shelter Transfer Heidi comes into rescue from a Southern MI shelter where she was too much for the kennel environment. She does act young like a one year old, though we have no previous records. She is an active girl, who likes to have a [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Hondo” to Remus, MI 9-10-18

  Hondo 9-10-18 Meet Hondo in Remus, MI   9-10-18 Owner Surrender Hondo comes into rescue from an out of state military home where he was showing anxiety, and the owner was picking up on the anxiety as well. (The parents brought him to us) Hondo is 6 years old, and a Frisbee nut. This [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Gypsy Blue” to Remus, MI 7-9-18

  Gypsy Blue 7-9-18 Meet Gypsy Blue in Remus, MI   7-9-18 Shelter Transfer Gypsy Blue comes into rescue, from a Southern MI shelter where she had been for a couple of months. During that time, she lost her home-her master-her kennel mate. She went through some tail chewing but we have it under control [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Woods” (Mix) to Remus, MI 6-3-18

  Woodsy 6-3-18 Meet Woodsy in Remus, MI   6-3-18 Owner Surrender Woodsy comes into rescue with another small dog (JRT) when they kept running away and getting into trouble together. Woodsy comes into rescue as an intact male, so no surprise that he "runs" around. We will get that little problem taken care of [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Sr Carmine” to Remus, MI 5-16-18

  Sr Carmine 5-16-18 Meet Sr Carmine in Remus, MI   5-16-18 Shelter Transfer Ms Carmine comes into rescue, after her 4th transfer this year. Wow! Her paperwork says she is around 7 years old, however she seems a bit older, like maybe 10 years is our best guess. She has lots of energy, and [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Mickey” to Remus, MI 4-26-18

  Mickey 4-26-18 Meet Mickey in Remus, MI   4-26-18 Shelter Transfer Mickey comes into rescue as another rescue foster dog who was not getting along with the foster care. It was posted that he bites and growls on FB. I think that he has a lot of potential and in the right home will [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Sr Gabriel” Back to Rescue after 10 years 10-11-17

  Gabriel 10-11-17 Welcome Meet Gabriel in Remus     10-11-17 Gabriel returns to rescue, after he was given away and that person brought him back, in keeping with our adoption agreement. The reason given was that the owner/farmer moved out of state (to another farm). His life on the farm has not been [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Rebel King” to Remus, MI 8-8-17

Rebel King 8-8-17 Welcome Rebel King     8-8-17 Rebel King comes into rescue, after 2 vets did not want him put down, for the reason(s) given by the owner. Rebel King is 7 years old and has been a good companion to his person since he was a puppy. The owner stated that [...]

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