Meet Our Rescues

We're always looking for qualified dog owners to give our rescues loving homes.

Come on in and meet the dogs and maybe you'll decide that you'd like to add one to your family!

Meet Our Rescues

Bring your family and your dog(s) to have some fun with other dog lovers. Check our reunion page to see some of the activities that you have to look forward to, while helping the rescue raise funds.Join the Reunion!
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From the Rescue

I am Monica Rose Larner and my love of Australian Cattle Dogs began in 1974 with my first ACD girl named Carrie Blue. She won over everyone in the family, the farmers that came to the farm, my 4-H club and the people on the horse show circuit. My Carrie Blue was a red heeler with a blue saddle. In 1974 they were not yet recognized as a breed by AKC, so she was registered under the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America, also known as AuCaDo (hence the rescue name).
Monica Rose Larner, AuCaDO Rescue